Tour Ba Na Hills Best Price

Thời gian   :

1 ngày

Lịch trình   :

Đà Nẵng - Bà Nà - Đà Nẵng

Phương tiện   :

Ô tô, Cáp treo

Hình thức   :

Tour Ghép

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Hằng ngày DNOPT- BN01d 1.190.000 đ 890.000 đ Liên hệ Đặt tour
Tour Ba Na Hills best price. Tour departure daily organized by Da Nang Open Tour Company, top quality reputation. Ba Na Hills Tour attach lunch buffet in French village.
Contact booking: 0898080715


(Time: 1 day)


Tour Da Nang Ba Na Hills 1 day                                                                 Tour Da Nang - Ba Na Hill 1 day

In the Morning:  

The first day of Tour Ba Na hills Best Price

8h00: Touring car and tour guide of Da Nang Open Tour will pick up guest at the hotel or the locations  in center of Da Nang City (including the airpart, train station, bus station that tourist reserved and arrive early than expected to go alway in day)

8h50: Arriving Ba Na Hills gate, while waiting process to go to Ba Na cable car, conquering the peak of 1,487m. You start exploring the Tour Ba Na Hill Best Price.When you come to the Tour Ba Na Hill best price, visitors will go to the cable car to reach the Guinness World Records 2 times, at this time, you will feel the remarkable change of the post-here when going through the heaven or the quarter gate. Guests will experience the feeling of adventure in mixing with the mist.

09h20: The first point in the Tour Ba Na Hill when you first step down the Cable Car will be to visit the beautiful Le Jardin d’amour flower garden with hundreds of colorful blooms all year round.

10:00: Tour Guide will guide you to visit the famous Golden Bridge located at an altitude of 1414 meters above sea level. Golden Bridge became a new check-in place attracted by the experience of walking in the clouds so amazingly. Continue to Tour Ba Na Hills Best Price: You will visit the Wine Cellar with lots of precious wines of France. Then you visit the Climbing Train with a great feeling. Coming to our Tour Ba Na Hill , visitors will also visit Linh Ung Temple, this is a very sacred temple on the mountain.

11h00: Departure from De Bay station, the guest continue to go visit Ba Na - Nui Chua Area when remove a little more

After that, tour guide will guide people to come Fantasy amusement Park, where is also the largest entertainment area in Vietnam including 106 free games.

In the Noon

12h00: Continue to go have lunch at Lavande/ Aparang restaurant and resting.

13h00: When both eating and resting finish,and then continuing the journey, HDV and passenger to the Spiritual Temple of Sacred Spirit can also be called by Ba Chua Thuong Ngan Temple to spread their hearts in a pure environment. Good luck for family and relatives.

14h00: Sightseeing French Village Làng Pháp with architecture modern will really attract everyone. Here you think like living in the small capital of France when you admire: Square, Church, Town, Village

17h00: Finish and leaving Ba Na Hills by cable car and come back to Da Nang City. End Tour Da Nang - Ba Na Hills Best Price. 

For further information, you can search in here: https://danangopentour.vn/en

We wish you have a good trip


Giá tour Bà Nà Hill giá rẻ bao gồm:

  • Hướng dẫn viên.
  • Xe du lịch đón và trả tận nơi trong nội thành Đà Nẵng.
  • Buffet trưa                                                      : 205.000VND/khách.
  • Vé cáp treo Bà Nà                                          : 700.000VND/khách.
  • Nước suối                                                      : 01 đơn vị/khách.
  • Vé máng trượt, Fantasy Park.

Giá tour Bà Nà Hill giá rẻ không bao gồm:

  •  Thuế VAT 10%.

  • Các chi phí cá nhân, thức uống trong bữa ăn.

  •  Các chi phí khác không nêu trong chương trình.

  • Tiền tip HDV, lái xe.

Chính sách giá trẻ em:

  • Chiều cao dưới 1m                      : Miễn phí.            
  • Chiều cao từ 1m đến dưới 1m39   : 80%    giá tour người lớn.
  • Chiều cao từ 1m4 trở lên             : 100% giá tour người lớn

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